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2013 ends, we make a summary of this year traveler


Tomorrow ends 2013 and, as usual, we want to make a brief summary of how this year has been traveling for us and Logbook. Actually it has been a rare year, since, on the one hand, we are fortunate to end it both with work and health. However, it has been a year a little hard on some personal issues. And refering to LogbookIt has been a great year full of trips, new projects and the occasional stick. But let's start with the traveler summary month by month.


Navarre. The first getaway of the year was a weekend to Navarra, where we spend the night in a charming hotel in Lantz and take the opportunity to visit Pamplona and explore the Zugarramurdi cave.

Zugarramurdi caves in Navarra

Madrid. At the end of January we used the AVE for the first time to go to Madrid and attend FITUR, the International Tourism Fair in Spain. We take advantage on Saturday to attend the event organized by Minube and search for information on possible destinations. In FITUR I was lucky to meet a Spanish girl who had representation in the stand from Botswana and gave us many contacts and ideas to travel to Botswana for free. On Sunday we took the opportunity to visit the Justo Cathedral and the Europa park with friends.

Korea in Fitur


Valencia in Fallas. This year we also had the opportunity to go to Valencia for the first time and learn about the failures of a luxury cicerone: Helena de My suitcase and I. Thanks to her we were able to know how the failures are lived as a Valencian and also make a guided tour of the historic center.


Bavaria. On Easter holidays we escaped to Munich for four days to visit friends who live there. With Laurel and Jörg, from Monkeys and Mountains, we did hiking in the Alps and we toured the city of Bamberg and, with Ben, we visited the Neuschwanstein Castle and the center of Munich.

French Cerdanya. In April we made a weekend getaway with friends to the French Pyrenees to go with el yellow train of La Cerdanya to Vilafranca de Conflent. The next day we continue exploring the area, we visit beautiful villages like Mont-Louise and Evol, and we finish the weekend in the outdoor hot springs in Saint Thomas.


Tarragona. In May, a new edition of the Travel Bloggers Meeting and we do not miss the appointment. We had the opportunity to know more in depth Tarragona and the Ebro Delta. We practice kayaking on the Ebro river, we taste an exquisite paella and we know how rice was planted.

Barcelona. Thanks to your votes, I became #IberiaMayors of Barcelona and, together with a professional filming team, we recorded a video for the new Iberia website that showed my favorite places in the city. It was a momentazo and thanks to the prize we took a lot of tackle that will help us to continue traveling, so thank you all very much.


Venice. At the beginning of June we spent three days in the Serenísima, one of the trips we had been wanting to do for a long time and we will always take it in the memory. When you visit such a tourist and famous city, you are often afraid of being disappointed, but it was not our case, because within a few hours of walking through its streets, it had already become our favorite city of Italy.

Madrid. Thanks to BlogonBrands and Room Mate We spent a long weekend with friends in Madrid. I love this city and we visit it whenever we can. On this occasion we also take the opportunity to run a night race and visit Toledo.

With Mery de Lega Traveler after crossing the finish line


Scotland. The last week of July and the first of August we made our first half of the holidays and traveled to Scotland to be with our friends Louise and David in Edinburgh. We spent eight days in the Scottish capital and then made a road route through the highlands. Scotland loved it, but it was also what we needed, since summer was a bit complicated and all we wanted to do was rest. We have not yet published anything about this trip and I do not know if we will, since, as I said, we needed an urgent vacation of everything.