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And the winner is…


We already have a winner of the first contest of Logbook. From here I wanted to thank you all for participating and for the comments and suggestions for improvement that you have proposed. There are some things about browsing the blog that I had not noticed that did not just work quite well. As for going out more in the photos I will try ... although I do not like going out in the photos and if I tell you the truth when we are traveling I hardly appear in three or four.

These are the assigned numbers, which I already published on Sunday 22 in the afternoon on the wall of On-board Diary Facebook, of all the people who have met the requirements to participate in the raffle:

1 Meritxell Beltran Valles
2 Victor del Pozo
3 Vero Rodríguez
4 Juanan
5 Claudia Robles López
6 Marcela Fernanda Sheep
7 Akane: Ana Fran Alcázar Álvarez
8 Rat Solera Porras
9 Emilio Álvarez Rodríguez
10 Anna Salamó
11 Nuria Arroyo Victoriano
12 Erica Chaves
13 Carmen Peral Toscano
14 Cris de Jour
15 Marta Escribano
16 Javier
17 Montserrat López Álvarez
18 Rebeca Millán Fernández
19 Ivana
20 Jesus Alonso
21 Maria to Ferrero
22 Monica de Olañeta
23 María Becerra Judge
24 Dany Lega Traveler
25 Cool / Monica Barrientos
26 Warsaw: Rafael Frías Gómez
27 Miriam Boher
28 María Luisa González Atienza
29 Eva Erill
30 Olga Vázquez Longarela
31 Carol / Moonflower
32 Fran Soler / Myguiadeviajes
33 José Álvarez
34 Joan Torres
35 Adela / Babyboom
36 Noelia Ruiz (Serendipity Gi)
37 Helena / My suitcase and I
38 MC / Crazy about travel
39 Raul / Carfot
40 Beatriz Menéndez
41 Sergio / Holidays in Europe
42 Incarnation Gullón Arias
43 José Carlos DS
44 Anabel Perpignan
45 Lídia Sánchez
46 Ramona Álvarez Fdez
47 Cristina Córcoles
48 Erik Torrico
49 Victor Gómez / Machbel
50 Soledad Velarde
51 JD (Jose David Jury)
52 Nicole Jewell
53 Christian Quintero
54 Antonio Aguilar
55 Steal
56 Javier / Always together for the world
57 Mafalda Cecilia Gómez Casaucau
58 Iván Fuentes

Despite the embarrassment of others that I feel when I see myself in photos and videos, and so that there is no trap or cardboard, I have filmed the draw process. Oh! What a shame that I get out talking on TV ...! 😛 The time has come that you were all waiting for… and the winner of a charming Wonderbox getaway is… .